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Frequently Asked Questions:


Health & Soft Spas

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How is the spa heated?

Our Original SOFTSPAS use the excess heat off the pump motor rather than a heating element, for more efficiency and a longer life. Our New Splashtubs have high efficiency pumps, better thermal qualities and in-line heaters for even better efficiency. All of our softspas plug into a standard 110 volt grounded outlet.

Can you run the jets and heat simultaneously?

SOFTSPAS' jets and heat recovery system operate simultaneously.

How many inches are there from the seat to the waterline?

You sit in from 18-26" on a cushioned surface in a SOFTSPA. Just fill to desired depth, plug it in and relax.

Is there an ultra-violet resistant cover to fit over the spa?

Yes. Our UV covers preserve the newness and keep the exterior marine grade vinyl cleaner.

Can the spa's exterior color be changed?

The interior / exterior vinyl can be changed for a new look and quickly resolve any improper water treatment damage.

Can the spa fit through any standard doorway to be easily moved and set up in an hour?

Yes. SOFTSPAS can be moved by one person - inside or out - and placed on most any relatively flat and level surface.

Does the spa come covered with an insulated cover?

Yes, thermal covers are included on all our softspas to hold in heat and moisture.


Health and Soft Spas

Soft spas have one big advantage over acrylic or fiberglass spas--they're soft! There's far less danger of slipping and falling on a hard edge--there aren't any. That makes them perfect for senior citizens, massage therapy centers serving elderly or physically challenged clients, children--in fact, just about everyone!

Other than that, the health & wellness benefits of warm water have been celebrated since ancient cultures discovered hot springs and the Romans built their baths.

The key to healthy hot tubs and soft spas is water quality. Be sure you read, understand, and follow the water quality maintenance instructions that ship with your spa.

Can HIV be transmitted in swimming pools or hot tubs?

No. There are no cases of HIV transmission through swimming pools or hot tubs.The virus is killed by the normal levels of chlorine used to disinfect public swimming pools, saunas or hot tubs.

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And another:

Can soft spas keep your skin young?

You betcha! Read all about it at, Hot Tubs, and Steam Baths Keeping Skin Young

How about pregnancy?
Use of a hot tub late in pregnancy (OK in small doses)
Use of a hot tub early in pregnancy (Not OK)

Can hot tubs help diabetics?

Yes, says Dr Andrew Wiles


Other questions?

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Because each order is built to customer specifications, we cannot offer cash refunds on orders.
Exhanges are available and may be subject to a restocking charge with customer responsible for any additional shipping charges.

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