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Superior Softspa Model SS-230

Enjoy all the benefits of the original Superior SoftSpa in the  Model SS-230 with the intimate touch

We have taken over the building of our new 'Superior SoftSpas' tm here in Pea Ridge, Arkansas. Every Superior SoftSpa is hand built with the same jigs and fixtures used to build our Splashtubs tm since 1999, with Splash still fabricating the liners / skins as well as our 'Superior Soft Tub (replacement) Skins' tm. We are committed to build , not just the best, but SUPERIOR SOFTSPAS, keeping our quality and service SUPERIOR for many, many more years.


Tub Dimensions:
Outside Diameter:     64"  (59" octagon fits on 5 ft deck)
Height:     27"  (DEEP - for full neck high immersion)
Inner Diameter:     54"
Normal Volume:       230 gallons
Empty Weight:     110 pounds (with internal pump & controls)
Filled Weight:     1,975 lbs.
Capacity:     1-4 people
Jets:     6
Accent Light:     1


Locking Cover:
4" Folding/Locking Cover - UL compliant
Outside Diameter:     64"
Weight:     25 lbs.
Removable Splash Power Components:
Motor/Pump:     1 HP, Balboa

                                   110v - 11.0/2.9 amps


Heater/Control box:
     1.5 kw

 Thermostatic control to 106 degrees (f)


Ozone:     not advantageous
17.5 sq. ft. filter cartridge, removes easily for cleaning and/or replacement.
Top Side Controls:
Jets:     On/Off
Air:     adjustable
Light     On/Off
                       Be careful of imitations - call us for more info.
MSRP: $4549.00

Limited Time Offer: $3,495.00  - call 800-779-3956
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Superior Softspa Model SS-315



The Superior Softspa SS-315 is ideal for health and fitness or just relaxing. This is the perfect product for active families on the go, providing users stress relief through hydrotherapy. It's a great way to relax and to have fun with friends and family. Luxury combined with cutting edge technology to provide several benefits. Weighing an average of 120 lbs. empty, it is very portable, yet durable enough to be enjoyed day after day.

For safety and protection against the elements, a locking cover comes with the tub. Every Superior Softspa is made with a high quality marine grade vinyl that will resist damage from common everyday use. The interior features barrier free seating enhancing your comfort and seating options.

Designed to be lightweight, portable, and energy efficient, this unique spa is easy to install and maintain. It plugs into any 110v properly grounded outlet and has an average cost of $9 to $15 per month for electricity.

  • Enough room for 3-6 people to relax.
  • Locking cover for safety.
  • Barrier free seating.
  • Tough enough for years of relaxation.
  • Best of all…Affordable.

Superior SoftSpa SS-315 Specifications:
Seating Capacity: 3-6 Persons
Water Capacity: 315 Gallons
Outside Diameter: 74" (72" octagon)
Inside Diameter 64"
SplashTub Height: 27" DEEP neck high submersion
Empty Weight: 120 lbs. (with internal pump)
Controls: Topside: Pump, Light, & Air
SplashTub cover: Insulated Locking Cover
Outside Material: Marine Grade Vinyl
Frame Material: Rigid (Structural) PVC
Equipment Pack: Self-Contained
Heating System: 1500 watt - in line heater
Jets: 8 Hydrotherapy Jets
Filtration: 17.5 sq. ft. Cartridge
Pump: 1  HP
Light: Yes
Power Required: Dedicated 110v Outlet
Factory Warranty: 1 yr. Parts
                   Be careful of imitations
MSRP: $4,999.00
Limited Time Offer: $3,999.00  - call 800-779-3956
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Nationwide Softspas, Inc., 165 W. Pickens, Pea Ridge, Arkansas 72751

303-589-4646   800-779-3956

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Because each order is built to customer specifications, we cannot offer cash refunds on orders.
Exhanges are available and may be subject to a restocking charge with customer responsible for any additional shipping charges.