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We rebuild nearly all brands of soft (vinyl) spas. We also carry a large inventory of factory parts & accessories.

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  • Softub, Comfort Spa & Splashtub Vinyl Liners
  • Bi-Fold Covers 
  • Softub PowerPaks
  • ALL Softub Parts, Splashtub and Superior SoftSpa Parts including:
  • Pump Seals
  • Pumps
  • Controls
  • Thermal Tops
  • PVC Plumbing & Framing
  • Jets & Faceplates

Proper Maintenance Helps Softspas Last for Decades

Pump seals wear out in approximately 2 years of normal use in SOFTUB brand softspas AND Comfort Spas. They seal around the motor shaft where it enters the pump enclosure. A leak at the seal starts as a drip, but soon develops into a spray (directly into the pump motor that can damage pump motors & controls in a fairly short time. Please check for seal leaks often. At the first sign of a seal leak, send us your pump assembly or powerpak and we will assess for damage, professionally change seal kit & O-rings, water test and promptly return it.

Vinyl liners are often damaged by improper water treatment. Bromine or Chlorine should be kept down to 1-2 parts per million (to keep it from bleaching the liner & your skin) and PH up to 7.6 PPM & Alkalinity up to 150 PPM, by adding Softrise regularly (to keep acid from eating the liner - as well as seals, gaskets & O-rings).

Refresh helps rid the water of excess calcium & iron &
weekly Softshock will oxidize out used Bromine or Chlorine (holding bacteria). Use Spa Perfect (for vinyl) to oxidize out body oils on a different day each week.

Wipe hair & lint off the safety suction cover & body oils from the water line, after each use, and clean the filter with Renew once a month. Properly maintained, your water will remain crystal clear, harmless to you and your softspa, for a minimum of 6 months.


We cannot always help with the many, cheap 'blow -up' , 'take apart' and 'look alike' vinyl tubs being sold for less than our 'wholesale' prices. Most are made outside the United States and parts are not readily available. We can, however, help you keep the vinyl interior in better shape, longer, by advising you of proper water treatment with our 'Amerse' products - formulated especially for our softspas' vinyl liners.

Please, beware of cheap prices on 'look a-like' tubs designed to take advantage of our quality softspa popularity.




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303-589-4646   800-779-3956

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