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Call for prices on used/reconditioned tubs.

We were one of the original SoftubTM dealers in 1989. The Powerpaks/Thermal tops and Tubs have changed many times over the years and we've worked with other manufacturers to improve on the Softspa idea.

We have accepted trade in softspas since we started selling them. That includes the Softub TM, SoftSider TM, Comfort Spa TM and Splashtub TM.

T-220 and T-300 Softub tm with our NEW Superior Soft Tub (Replacement) Skins

Our Superior Soft Tub (replacement) Skins are stronger than the original Softub tm 'liners'. Matching vinyl for the Softub tm powerpak or our own Superior Soft Tub (replacement) HeatPump with 'union strap' makes it all new. We make replacement bi-fold thermal covers for all spas, and we have helped hundreds of owners replace their own vinyl skins over the phone.

Reconditioned trade-in softspas start at about $2995. IF AT ALL AVAILABLE. (We are helping most Softub owners recondition their own tub, now.)

We also manufacture solid cedar surround decking for all spas . Nationwide SoftSpas rebuilds Softub, Comfort Spa and Splashtub soft spas. If necessary, we dis-assemble the pump & rebuild it with all new seals & o-rings, replace the vinyl and replace or repair the plumbing. Our rebuilt tubs carry a full year's warranty! (when available.)

 Our inventory turns over fast, so call for current stock.


Want to sell or trade in a SoftubTM, Comfort SpaTM, or SplashtubTM ????

We can accept your 'soft spa' in trade toward a new tub. We can also just buy and recycle your Softub Powerpak to make into one of our NEW Superior Soft Tub (replacement) HeatPumps. Call for details.

Nationwide Softspas, Inc., 165 W. Pickens, Pea Ridge, Arkansas 72751

303-589-4646   800-779-3956

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Because each order is built to customer specifications, we cannot offer cash refunds on orders.
Exhanges are available and may be subject to a restocking charge with customer responsible for any additional shipping charges.