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They say being copied is a complement. Well, we've been informed that "Someone" in China is trying to license the domain name NationwideSoftspas (.com, .net & .org).cn.
We are proud to be an American manufacturer, that works with other American suppliers for materials, Building 'Superior SoftSpas' and 'Superior HeatPumps' right here in Pea Ridge, Arkansas - USA. We DO NOT plan on EVER having people in China build our SoftSpas OR HeatPumps. We will be happy to continue to SHIP worldwide but we are MADE IN AMERICA, making, in America, products we are proud of.
Thank you for your reassurance that we are doing the right thing.

If you own a soft spa (Softub®, Comfort Spa® or SplashTub® or Superior SoftSpa®), you know how convenient & energy efficient it is. We don't have to tell you how easy it is to roll it in place, plug it in & enjoy. While your friends & neighbors are maintaining, repairing, and making payments on their traditional fiberglass or acrylic spas, you're happily soaking in your bubbly, hot, soft spa.

This site is dedicated to you. Either you already own a soft spa or think you might want to own one. We'll help with all the information you'll need to enjoy your soft spa for many years to come. You'll love our HELP on spas, products, accessories, covers, parts & service. We love soft spas ourselves & will do everything we can to keep you in hot water!

Why buy from us? Traditional hot tub dealers will badmouth softspas--they're a big threat! We love them! We sell them, own them, enjoy them, service them. Why not own a tub that plugs into an ordinary 110 volt outlet, costs little to operate, fits anywhere--indoors or out, and requires very little maintenance. We'll sell to you, support you, and you'll love your soft spa!

NEW Superior SoftSpas
Yes, we bought out Splash Super Pools 'Splashtub' line of SoftSpas.

Nationwide Softspas, Inc. is now building the Superior SoftSpas we helped develop over the past 30 years. Feedback has assured us, we are building a much more consumer friendly SoftSpa. MORE comfortable, efficient, durable and affordable with LESS hassle.


Used Spas

Soft spas from several manufacturers ONLY IF AND WHEN AVAILABLE.

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TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE RUINING THEIR SOFTSPA WITH 'WALMART', etc. PRODUCTS Don't take chances with your vinyl spa.
Buy your Water Treatment Products from the experts &
save money, too! Should you use chlorine? Bromine? How
about ozone? What should the PH be? How should you keep it there?


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Purchase original manufacturer parts or send us your equipment pack & we'll rebuild it like new!

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Because each order is built to customer specifications, we cannot offer cash refunds on orders.
Exhanges are available and may be subject to a restocking charge with customer responsible for any additional shipping charges.

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